F.M. Alexander related to his “work” as psycho-physical re-education of the self, as a whole; and not re-taming, re-imitating of movements and kinesthetic sensation; not the use of the body, or any other parts of the self. The way and the process he discovered are the “means-whereby” and direction for further discoveries – along the Way, for further development – along the Way, for spreading-eaglizing experience – along the Way, within the Timeless-Endless-Measureless. On the Way there is no path, no lane, for “renewers”, reformers, orthodoxs, fanatics, believers, and all the rest of them. The Way is for intelligent creatures, who use their brain and not the intellect; the Way is for those who are ready to give up their “armour”, “cage”, “prison”.

The re-education is the task of each one of us as individuals, not as groups-societies. And any educator should be aware non-stop whether he is constantly involved in the Process along the Way, or teaches it to others from his “Olympus”. Each, so called, teacher should face the “mirror” (Criticism), which means being aware of the wrong in himself and “inhibit” it – non-stop; each one should be learning, and not knowing. Knowing is fixation, learning is not accumulation of knowledge; learning is openness to the unknown. I don’t find these qualities among the STATers.

There are some teachers who cooperate with me. But in general the STATers and their “satellites” ignore my “voice” and avoid confrontation with me and my teaching. As a matter of fact by so doing, they try to avoid confrontation with themselves; they know already, so they don’t have to learn any more; as Zeev Tadmor said to me: “You destroy all what I built (fixed) in me”; and Moishe once was disturbed when I said something that seemed to contradict what I said the day before, and he cried from his heart: “But yester-day you said the opposite”. I answered: “Yesterday was yesterday and today is today”… Do you understand what I mean?

Now – the door of my studio is open to visitors and anyone who wishes to share ex-perience with me is welcome – anyone who is ready to learn, to criticize and to be criticized – in a good spirit – will have my cooperation. And I will be grateful to anyone of you, the STATers, if this person will show me that I am wrong, will prove that I am wrong. Don’t run away; don’t hide behind excuses, as WC summed up our conversation: “You do it your way, I do it my way”, and that is it – this is the “common denominator” of the STATers, this is their way of “cooperation”; you close your eyes and you avoid being seen.

It seems that all of you, STATers, are so “sure” that you are right, that you find it wrong to consider that you may still be wrong, to give yourselves and your students the experience of the “wrong”; therefore you don’t come to experience the “Directions” of “someone”, and you don’t let your students to do so. So as all of you convinced yourselves, that “some-one”, who always and continuously, without fatigue states that you are wrong, can’t be right, simply because you convince yourselves that you are right… This is an example of illusive reality.

So Moishe and all the rest of the STATers, I wish you will collect your courage and face me – “Someone” – inside the “ring” of the F.M. Alexander Technique….

And Moishe says in his last sentence that “we” could continue talking more and more, but he thinks “we” shall stop here. I thank him.

The above was written by


Those who don’t know who is

“Someone”, please ask Moishe.

“Someone” hopes, that Moishe will not hold back this essential information.